Division of Biology and Medicine
Facilities Planning and Operations

The stores operations team works to keep over 85 active teaching and research labs running smoothly by ordering, managing and distributing scientific supplies in an efficient manner.

The stockrooms keep over 700 items on hand, from dry supplies like pipette tips and gloves to reagents and buffer solutions. Chemicals such as acetone, chloroform, glycerin, ethanol and methanol are also in stock.

Stores Operations maintains special products such as dry ice and liquid nitrogen. They also maintain freezer programs with PromegaExpress and Invitrogen, so the cold storage items your lab needs, from enzymes to nucleic acids, are readily available.

Refer to the electronic catalog for a comprehensive view of the array of products available through Workday, the BrownBuys Fisher Scientifc and Thermofisher Tiles. You can save money on shipping costs from Invitrogen, Promega, and USA by ordering your supplies directly through the BrownBuys options.

For stockroom services, call 863-2745.
For administrative issues, contact us at Biomed_Facilities@brown.edu.

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