Division of Biology and Medicine
Facilities Planning and Operations

TechAir serves as the primary University supplier and resource partner for all laboratory gas services here at Brown. 

All orders, for the various BioMed facilities, are coordinated through the two divisional stockrooms. To request gases, please contact your respective stockroom to place your order.  Orders that are placed by 3:00 p.m., will typically be delivered and available for pick-up the next business day; some exceptions may apply due to specialty requirements or unique circumstances.

All gas cylinders and dewars are delivered to the three divisional loading docks: BioMed Center loading dock, the 70 Ship Street loading dock and the Sidney Frank Hall loading dock.  It is the responsibility of the respective lab to  pickup, transport, and return cylinders to the respective dock as needed.

For assistance to set up an account for ordering, or for questions regarding an existing account, please call Stores Operations at 863-2745.