Division of Biology and Medicine
Facilities Planning and Operations

Stores Operations staff handles all the shipping and receiving for the division, including but not limited to supply deliveries, private carrier deliveries like FedEx and UPS, vendor deliveries, and divisional computer shipments.

They conveniently deliver all packages up to 50 pounds to your lab or office.

For packages over 50 pounds, such as new research equipment; packages of unusual size or shape; and packages that require special handling or circumstances, it is required that you include in-lab delivery and set-up with your order.

In addition to proper coordination through the vendor for these special packages, you must also contact the Stores Operations staff to coordinate the delivery of special packages.

Additionally, the Stores Operations staff can pass your parcel on to UPS - just leave it packaged and labeled in the shipping area, and they will handle the rest for you.

Stores Operations can provide instruction and coordination regarding any shipping and receiving matter. Call  863-2745 for more information.