Division of Biology and Medicine
Facilities Planning and Operations

Machine Shop

The BioMed Machine Shop offers custom instrumental and mechanical solutions to researchers across the Division.

The BioMed Machine Shop offers both efficiency and expertise. John Murphy's extensive skills, creativity, innovation, and hands-on approach make the Machine Shop a unique, value-added, in-house service.

BioMed Machine Shop work is performed at a competitive price to the customer’s specifications. Work is performed in-house at an hourly rate of $85 plus materials.

Please complete the Machine Shop Work Order Form to request services. Once completed, email the form to John Murphy who will work with you on your request.

To reach the BioMed Machine Shop, please call 401-863-2747 or email John_Murphy_3@brown.edu

Some of the instrumental and mechanical services available include:

  • Enhancing lab facilities to support unique program requirements, such as building various-sized Faraday cages
  • Design-build creation of custom research equipment and parts
  • Troubleshooting and repair of existing research instruments, such as centrifuges and water baths
  • Modifying complex research equipment to meet customers' evolving needs
  • Constructing, customizing, and repairing input/output devices for computers, such as touch sensors, joysticks, and data-gathering equipment
  • Troubleshooting issues with electronic equipment, such as electronic noise sensitivity
  • Retrofitting and/or enhancing existing electronic equipment to customize for specific research needs
  • Use of SolidWorks software